About Us

Kaboom Coral 
Known For Explosive Colored Corals!

As purveyors of the finest quality livestock we take pride in our customer service, shipping skills, and overall shopping experience.

We are small operation allowing us cater to the connoisseur reefer in all of you. All our corals are sustainable, cultured, healthy, and pest free. 
We use natural sea water, 20k LED lighting, and use an Underwater Pentax Camera.

EVERYTHING WE SELL IS WYSIWYG  - What You See Is What You Get (unless it says otherwise) 

We buy items from other vendors and many different hobbyist to make sure that we have just what you are craving.

We are not a walk in facility that can be browsed at this time. 
(for now until we grow) 

We are always willing to trade or buy quality rare stuff. All you have to do is send us pics and what you want and we will go from there.

Thank you all for visiting our website.
We look forward to serving all your rare live coral needs and the chance to bring our explosive corals to your doorstep.